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The Quality Blend Affiliate Program and Wholesaling Information


Thank you for your interest in Leaf Only! Over time, we've developed several methods in which customers can work with us to sell whole leaf tobacco and earn revenue.


Method #1)

Refer wholesale & retail tobacco leaf customers for up to a 5% lifetime commission.


If any of the customers you refer become wholesale customers, you can receive up to a 5% lifetime commission of the item total of any order this customer places with us now, and in the future. Simply let us know that someone will be contacting us, or have them make a retail purchase through the site before purchasing wholesale, and we will make sure that your account is associated with that customer. In some cases, commissions are adjusted to accommodate special orders - usually with plenty of communication between Leaf Only and the affiliate.


If any of your customers place a retail order on our website, you will also receive a 5% lifetime commission on the item total for all orders in which the customer uses your promo code upon checkout. As an incentive for the customer to enter the code, they will receive a 5% discount on their order. The total Leaf Only is paying out is 10%. However it is in the form of 5% for the affiliate and 5% for the customer. Try it out yourself by visiting your shopping cart and using the code shown below.


5% Off Quality Blend LLC Promo Code / Coupon Code: LO5


To get started as a Leaf Only affiliate, either contact us, send an email to, or call us at 860-704-0646. Please note, affiliates may not use promo codes on their own purchases.


Upon signup, you will be provided with a promo code (your username) and a password to log in to MyLeafOnlyTM, where you can check the status of your referrals, payments, and more!


Method #2)

Buy tobacco leaves from Leaf Only and distribute to your own clients.


By becoming a Leaf Only wholesaler, you will be given custom wholesale pricing which will allow you to handle and distribute your own tobacco leaves. Just about all of Leaf Only's tobacco leaf products are available in bulk quantities with greatly reduced / stepped pricing depending on order quantities and specific client needs.


We also have access to hundreds of different tobacco grades and varieties that are not listed for sale on our website. Please inquire with specifications for other tobacco leaf types/grades. Wholesale tobacco leaf pricing will be provided on an as-needed basis, as available quantities, varieties, and prices change frequently.


Pros vs. Affiliate Program:

- Setting your own prices / profit margins.
- Being the only point of contact with your customers.
- Wholesale pricing scales with your order quantity - the more you buy, the better your cost.


Cons vs. Affiliate Program:

- Must establish your own business and follow all applicable regulations for your state/region. (The rules are a bit different depending on where you do business).
- Must be responsible for the distribution of product, returns, customer service, etc.


To get started as a Leaf Only bulk purchaser, either contact us, send an email to, or call us at 860-704-0646 so we can discuss your needs as a bulk purchaser and/or distributor.


Upon signup, you will be provided with a username and a password to log in to MyLeafOnly, where you can request orders, view your order history, contact us, and more!

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